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About Encon

Encon Construction Technologies Corp, the leader in development, distribution and application of organic liquid polymers and amine formulation for soil stabilization needs in multiple construction sectors. It is the result of 35 years of research and development. Applications for EnconStabilizers provide frost and high impact resistant performance for any kind of sub-bases. Through this process, road builders will have the ideal base to use any asphalt or concrete topping surface.

EnconStabilizers may be applied to nearly any kind of soil. It is activating the bonding energy to be found in every soil and is educing the negative impact of water. An excellent road network is the basis for economical and sociopolitical progression. A good road structure is important for national and international investments, for international trading and for the sociopolitical improvement of the economical situations also – For these reasons these points are of major importance for many countries globally, especially in fast growing countries in Asia, Africa, Middle-East and South America.

EnconStabilizers provides a high water impermeability rate for the modified soil that is of utmost importance when building for example, landfills, ponds, artificial biotopes, biological sewage plants, forestry trails, back roads, and other. On road works the water impermeability makes sure that the roads will not be infiltrated or even be washed away.