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Cost-Effectiveness Solutions

EnconStabilizers is very easy to apply. It works with additives which are utilized and positioned by special machines. The entire system is non-polluting and doesn't harm the environment because it is based on natural substances only. All operations may take place locally, the percentage and formulation of EnconStabilizers additive is determined for every soil type.


Save Time: Given the right weather conditions, we can build one (1) kilometer of road in one (1) day as opposed to two (2) weeks to build one (1) kilometer with a conventional system.

Durability: : Solidified soil with EnconStabilizers is irreversibly solid and show almost no water permeability, further reducing significantly future maintenance costs. Improvement of soil stability by using SS remains permanent.

Cost Saving: EnconStabilizers replaces aggregates and conventional road base construction providing 40% in savings and construction time.

Environmentally Friendly: EnconStabilizers is absolutely environmentally friendly providing long-term performance in sub-base soils and does not infiltrate into groundwater and is proven to have no impact on animals and plants.

Ultra-strong load capability: Ideal soil associated with utmost compression and the well distributed EnconStabilizers with common procedure will improve the load characteristics to a superior result than conventional methods. The plate load bearing test on the roads with SS achieved even more than 100MN/m2, which is a much higher result than road requirements globally.

Stability: Applications of EnconStabilizers provide frost and high impact resistant performance for any kind of sub-bases. Moreover, EnconStabilizers will provide frost resistant and more stable sub bases within a short time period.