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nanoCRETE concrete performance additive

Encon nanoCRETE is a liquid concentrate additive that provides various improvements over and above standard traditional concrete mix designs. Consisting of nano-technology, nanoCRETE offers increased strength and performance, water proofing resiliency combined with cost-savings and easy to use jobsite efficiency.

When you make traditional concrete you mix cement, aggregates or rocks, and sand together. A typical mix design may contain 15% cement, 50% aggregate, and 35% sand. Once the dry ingredients are mixed thoroughly water is added in the amount required for the particular job being performed by the concrete.

nanoCRETE is different from conventional concrete in the following ways:

  • There is no aggregate or rocks required in the design mix when using the nanoCRETE additive, it consists of approximately; 20% cement, 75% sand (fine sand, that has NO clay content), and 5% limestone powder. In appearance it looks like a mortar mix, but in strength it behaves much more like traditional concrete.
  • Instead of using water to mix our concrete we use our proprietary nanoCRETE liquid concentrate additive. The nanoCRETE concentrate is added to water in a mix ratio of 300 to 1 (300-L of water to 1-L of NanoCRETEconcentrate) prior to being added to the concrete dry mix. Having eliminated all aggregates, the high-performance concrete is self-levelling and easier to apply.
  • Because of the liquid nano-technology additive, expansion joints or steel rebar in horizontal structures is not required. This means that you can build a road surface, sidewalk with no expansion joints and no steel rebar required saving time and money.
  • With no aggregate and our advanced liquid concentrate technology the finished product has very low absorption rate making it nearly waterproof once hard.

nanoCRETE is similar to conventional concrete in the following ways:

  • Drying times are identical to regular concrete and subject to weather conditions.
  • No additional health and safety precautions are required above and beyond working with regular concrete.