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nanoSOIL road base stabilizer

Encon nanoSOIL stabilizer is a natural environmentally "GREEN" product operating at boundary layers and thereby dissolving the hard water coating which results in an irreversible agglomeration of capillary and micro particles within the treated ground. nanoSOIL road base stabilizer is not a binding agent but is able to release ground appropriate cohesions and to impact the ground performance in such a way that a permanent gain of compression under load will occur. nanoSOIL road base stabilizer powerful molecular water solved compound, working as an ion-exchanger and utilizing nano-technology, performed out of Amines and when mixed with pulverized "in-situ" materials results in a concrete-like road base that does not require aggregate or cement powder.

  • Utilizing native soil locally to create a concrete-like road base
  • Creates a solid base that is far stronger, and more resilient than traditional stone filled bases
  • Avoids problem of finding locations to dump native soil
  • Avoids shortages of local aggregates and expensive transportation costs
  • Allows for recycling of CKD and other waste products to be used as filler